About us

The joint-stock company “LIEPAJAS OSTA LM” is the enterprise of a Liepaja special economic zone (LSEZ).

The joint-stock company “LIEPAJAS OSTA LM” possesses all deep-water quays of a port Nr.42,43,44,45 and quays Nr.Nr. 49, 50,51 in port Liepaja. A common length of a moorage wall 1600 m, depth at berths of 10,5 m. The port accepts of court by displacement up to 60 000 t. The port Liepaja is linked by railway and automobile mains to all regions of the West and of the East. Latvia has the well advanced transport infrastructure, including highways, access railways to each port. The berths of joint-stock company “LIEPAJAS OSTA LM” are equipped with gantry cranes with capacity up to 40 t. The company also possesses all necessary engineering for maintenance of unloading both loading of courts and further transportation of the consignments on territory of a port.

The general area for storage of the consignments in a port makes 21 hectares. The basic consignments are the general cargoes. Volume of the consignments in 2000 has made of 650 263 tons. In 2001 the enterprise plans to transship of 900 000 tons of the cargo.

The forwarders, agents and stevedores – licensed experts will help to you in the shortest term to receive a hardware for the cargos going from all sides of the world. All clients were convinced, that the joint-stock company of LSEZ jsc “LIEPAJAS OSTA LM” is capable to take the responsibility for the consignment and to guarantee its safety in a port.

The existing capacities 4 berths allow to process up to 3,5 – 5 million tons. The development of purchased 3 berths will allow joint-stock company “LIEPAJAS OSTA LM” to increase freight turnover up to 8 million tons annually. The project of update of a port proposes construction and opening of a line Ro-Ro.