Bulk cargo handling terminal

Construction project of bulk cargo handling terminal is the first successfully implemented cooperation project of the company. By cooperation of the Swiss “Bunge”, Danish „Dan Store” and LSEZ JSC „Liepajas osta LM” a modern specialized bulk cargo (grain, feed) handling terminal was built in the port of Liepaja. Terminal was commissioned in 2005.  According to the cooperation conditions LSEZ JSC „Liepajas osta LM” provides stevedoring services.

The second round of bulk cargo handling terminal was completed in 2011. The infrastructure network was expanded though the framework of this round at the end of the year. The new warehouse occupies an area of 3087.74 m²;  it has separate handling points for trucks and for railway cars.  Simultaneously it is connected with the existing handling system that enables to process the cargoes in a more flexible way. Total cargo handling terminal capacity: 700 000 tons per annum.

Parallelly to this a new loader junction is under development, allowing to carry out the loading from warehouse by means of covered belts system directly into the ship. This will reduce loss of cargo and significantly increase the loading rates.

The quay No. 43 is scheduled for reconstruction. The aim of such activities is to increase the water depth alongside the quay up to 12.0 meters. Reconstruction of the quay will allow to increase tonnages of ships handled at the terminal, thus raising the total cargo turnover of the terminal.

Technical description of terminal:
Quays No.: 42., 43.
Length of quays: 584 m
Water depth alongside quays: 10.5 m (prospective: 12.0 m)
Territory: 60 000 m²
Open storage areas: 20 000 m²
Covered warehouses: 11 300 m²
Six silos with total capacity: 28 200 m³
Transport scheme: automobile transportation and railway
Cargo handling capacity: max. 700 000 tons per year