• About the company

    Since the beginning of activities in 1993 the company has specialized in transshipment of metal and metal products, handling production of the local metallurgical manufacturer JSC „Liepajas Metalurgs”, and transit cargoes of manufacturers from CIS countries.

  • Technical possibilities

    LSEZ JSC „Liepajas osta LM” is the leading company of Liepaja port, handling more than 25% of the total cargo turnover of the port in its transshipment terminals.

  • Performance indicators

    Since 2001 LSEZ JSC „Liepajas osta LM” has maintained its position of being the major company of the port by handling a significant portion of the port’s cargo turnover. In 2011 the company transshipped 1.7 mill. tons, i.e., 34.9% of the port’s total cargo turnover. LSEZ JSC „Liepajas osta LM” keeps such positions due to the well-developed infrastructure of cargo transshipment terminals,  technological provision and diversified port’s and transport services, allowing to offer the customers integrated and maximally advantageous cargo transportation solutions.