Stevedoring services

The management and technical experts of the company continuously follow the development of the branch and adopt experience of the leading European ports, allowing to fully use technical facilities possessed by the company and to introduce the latest cargo transshipment technologies.


Cargo storage

In addition to the cargo handling services LSEZ JSC „Liepajas osta LM” offers its clients short- and long-term cargo storage services.


Cargo forwarding

LSEZ JSC „Liepajas osta LM” offers complex transportation services, which means full responsibility for the cargo transportation process, ensuring delivery door – to – door and making use of sea, truck and railway transport. The complex approach allows not only to undertake full responsibility for the cargo transportation process, but also to considerably reduce the total transportation costs.


Ship agency

LSEZ JSC „Liepajas osta LM” is the member of the National Association of Latvian Ship’s Brokers and Agents. As a service to our clients, we can offer experienced and professional ship agents, who provide continuous ship agency services 24 hours round the clock, offering full range of services, including not only full agency, but also the functions of protective agency and husbandry agency.

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