Performance indicators

Since 2001 LSEZ JSC „Liepajas osta LM” has maintained its position of being the major company of the port by handling a significant portion of the port’s cargo turnover. In 2011 the company transshipped 1.7 mill. tons, i.e., 34.9% of the port’s total cargo turnover. LSEZ JSC „Liepajas osta LM” keeps such positions due to the well-developed infrastructure of cargo transshipment terminals,  technological provision and diversified port’s and transport services, allowing to offer the customers integrated and maximally advantageous cargo transportation solutions.

Key performance indicators:
Net turnover (2011): 20.6 mill. EUR
Cargo turnover (2011): 1 695 208 tones (34.9% from the total cargo turnover of Liepaja’s port)


Cargo turnover 2011 by type of cargo