Cargoes service

The handled cargoes:

– Metal – reinforcement bars, wire coils, scrap metal, pipes, packaged metal;
– Timber – packaged sawn timber,logs and pulp wood;
– “Big-Bags” type – all kinds of products packed in that type of bags;
– Frozen fish products;
– Imported products in bags (rice, sugar etc.)

Cargoes possibilities:

On the basis of these berths there is a complex for handling general cargoes and a complex for handling fertilizers packed in “Big-Bags” and other chemical freights with covered and open type warehousing facilities.

Presently the berths of JSC “Liepajas Osta LM” are equipped with the following: five portal cranes , including three “Condor” type cranes (with carrying capacity 16 t and 40 t), fork-lifts, front-loaders and other mobile equipment.

The territory of JSC “Liepajas Osta LM” is available for cargo storing.

Open type storage area is offered to the customers. Attractive conditions for cargo storing. There is an existing railway branch line and ongoing construction of railway access roads.

JCC “Liepajas Osta LM” works 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays.

JSC “Liepajas Osta LM” cargo handling charges are on average cheaper than in other ports of Latvia.

JSC “Liepajas Osta LM has the status of a Liepaja Special Economic Zone company. Liepaja SEZ was established in 1997 with a purpose to facilitate the development of commerce, industry, shipping and air traffic as well as international commodity exchange via Latvia.

The planned development of JSC “Liepajas Osta LM” opens possibilities for expanding the spectrum of its services and attraction of investments both for the development of JSC “Liepajas Osta LM” and the Port of Liepaja in general.

The ice-free and geographically conveniently located Port of Liepaja offers vast development possibilities for your business.