Terminal for metal products

Currently handling of metal products has been organized at the general cargo terminal of the company (quays No. 44., 45.). There are activities implemented with other cargo groups besides the storage and transshipment of metal cargoes.

Construction of a specialized terminal for handling metal cargoes is necessary precondition for   the ongoing modernization of JSC „Liepajas Metalurgs”, which implicates a significant increase of  production capacity of this company.

Construction of terminal has been planned on the territory adjacent to quay No. 50, currently irregularly used for storage and transshipment of general and bulk cargoes. Planned area of terminal is 51 750 m2, which will be modified for storage and transshipment of metal cargoes.

Technical description of terminal:
Quay No.: 50
Length of the quay: 180 m
Water depth alongside the quay: 10.5 m (prospective: 12.0 m)
Territory: 50 750 m²
Cargo areas: 18 000 m²
Transport scheme: automobile transportation and railway
Cargo handling capacity: max. 1.0 mill. tons per annum